Monday, June 10, 2013

Why does my hair fall out ?!!!!?

Does your hair fall out?

It is really upsetting when you get in the shower wash your hair and the comb has plenty of hair on it. Hair loss has many causes.

1.People who are to rough on their hair can be braking it off.
2. Another major cause to why your hair may be falling off is your diet! Are you getting enough protein in your diet ? Eggs? Meat?
3. To much heat on your hair; Your hair will fall off if you use heating tools constantly, dying it and perming it can also fry your hair. Avoid this things. Give your hair a brake!
4. Do you shampoo your hair daily? If you use a shampoo full of sulfate which most shampoos have, you are drying out your hair and as a consequence eventually it will brake off ! How about every four days instead?
5. Stress makes hair fall out. I will be uploading a blogpost on how to deal with stress. meanwhile RELAXX!!!!

To be honest, there is no magic ingredients I can put together for your hair to stop falling out if you are practicing this four things faithfully. But the deep conditioners I've posted in my previous blog post will help strengthen your hair! Give it a try ! I will post another deep conditioning strengthening mask soon.

Be gentle with your hair, baby your hair , love what you have <3

Btw im sorry for not writting lately, I promise i will be writting more constant. I want to start making videos talking to you and helping you in everyway. I will upload one soon! <3
Xoxoxo Laura M

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