Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Natural deep conditioning treatment

There are so many things in your kitchen you can use to deep condition with, i'm going to give you two awesome mask for dry hair that will do wonders if done once a week or every two weeks. Remember to Shampoo after this mask and do your normal conditioning and combing routine. Also remember that the amount is up to you and your hair length and thickness. Last but not least this mask can stay on you hair from 30 minutes to 2 hours , your choice depending on how damage your hair is! Enjoy !

1. two eggs, mayo, and olive, coconut or any type of natural oil that you like- Mix this three together and... Voula!! the perfect hydrating mask for you hair. Eggs are a source of protein and your hair is made out of protein so it will help strengthen and repair damage hair. Mayo is very good for your hair because it contains eggs as well and it helps prevent split ends. Natural oils like olive and coconut oil are great to hydrate the hair. My favorite is coconut oil But remember ladies , it has to be all natural ! oh and before i forget, please don't rinse this out with super hot water because the egg will cook in your hair. warm water will do the trick

2. Avocado, and olive oil- Mash up your ripe avocado and add a bit of alive oil for extra moisture. This is a very simple mask but very effective. Perfect for restoring shine and softness back into the hair. Avocado contains vitamins, minerals and fats that will help your hair return back to its beautiful state.

Btw: i tried the first mask today and it was great, it really moisturized my hair! :]:]

xoxo - Laura M

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