Friday, May 10, 2013

ughhh curly dry hair

For many years i have struggled with dry hair. Growing up my mother though the solution for my uncontrollable frizz ball was a relaxer and a whole bunch of heat. After I fried my hair twice with a blonde hair dye and bleach I decided to do my research on curly hair. Reality is that curly hair is naturally dry and we need to baby our hair in order for it to cooperate with us. And the less heat the better. Here are some tips on how i Keep my hair in good conditions:

1. Like i mentioned before THE LESS HEAT THE BETTER- For a curly head it is highly important for you avoid heat damage, if not your curls will becomes straight pieces of hair and it wont grow due to split ends.

2. Do not shampoo daily. There is an ingredient in shampoo's called sulfate. This ingredient is so harsh that it strips your hair every time you wash it and it makes it become even dryer. Why not try an all natural shampoo like the Shea moisture shampoo or a sulfate and paraben free shampoo. The health of your hair will improve. But remember that constantly washing our hair is not good so why not once a week instead?

3. CURLY GIRLS NEED TO DEEP CONDITION at least once every week. you need to add moisture in your hair constantly if you want to have a beautiful head of curls. And its even more important if you are healing your hair from heat damage.

This are only a few tips on how to keep a healthy head of hair, on my next post I will write about some natural deep conditioners that you can make at home to leave your hair silky soft and moisturized, see ya ;]

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