Friday, May 10, 2013

why not evangelize in a different way?

There are many reasons for this blog and so many plans i have yet to fulfilled but the main one is being shameless about who i am and what i do. Jesus was shameless He did not care about what people taught about him and knew that He was here for one purpose only which was to save souls. Whether people liked him or not He brushed it off and kept going. I know for a fact that I have a purpose and a duty which is to glorify Him. So why not just expose myself make a blog and a whole bunch of videos about the talents He has given me. I mean come on, people do it everyday for negativity than why not for Him. If there are people all around the world busting their butt to make themselves famous just to get payed and gain a whole bunch of followers why not do it for a greater purpose. So in this blog i will be writing about my personal experiences, make-up, hair, health,and much more. Plus is also a great way to evangelize too.. ;] until next time.

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